How to Quickly Restore Your Oxidized Headlights

Why are my headlight lenses hazy?

Nowadays, headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate, a type of plastic. Car manufacturers will initially apply a coating to the lenses to block the sun's UV rays from deteriorating the plastic. Over time, this coating will break down causing the fog/discoloration you often see on cars today.

How does this affect me and my car?

Safety: Foggy lenses decrease the light that is emitted from your headlights causing your vision to be reduced during poor weather conditions and night driving. Not only is this dangerous for yourself but also for other drivers and pedestrians that rely on your visibility.

Cosmetic: Foggy headlights make vehicles appear old and unkempt. Having clear, shiny headlights can make a world of difference to a vehicle's appearance.

Here is the fastest way to restore your foggy/cloudy headlight lenses:

What you'll need:

- Clean rag/towel or paper towels

- Water

- Soapy water or mild surface cleaner

- LensBoost Headlight Restoration Wipe


1) Park your vehicle in a shaded or enclosed area (Garage/parking garage)

2) Clean both headlight lenses with soapy water, rinse and dry.

3) Tear open a LensBoost pouch and pull out the applicator pad.

4) Wipe the first lens, then flip the pad over and wipe the second lens.

5) Done! Let dry for 10-15 minutes.