LensBoost lasts up to two years. This will depend on the usage of the vehicle as well as how much sunshine the lenses receive. To extend the life of LensBoost; limit the amount of UV exposure the lenses receive.

Applying LensBoost indoors eliminates outdoor variables such as wind, dust, heat, and humidity. These elements can produce undesirable results such as streaking, sagging or dust particles embedded within the coating. If you must apply LensBoost outdoors, we recommend a shaded area free from wind and dust. For businesses: We recommend closing the bay door nearest to the car until the application is complete.

Applying a second coat once the first application has sufficiently dried can provide a longer-lasting finish. Allow the first coat to dry for approximately 30 minutes before reapplying.

Although LensBoost was designed to not require sanding, doing so can improve the overall finish.

Typical drying times range from 10 to around 15 minutes. However, you can speed this up by using a blow dryer (set to cold) or direct a fan at the lenses (recommended distance: 2 or more ft.). 

We recommend the use of disposable gloves for easy cleanup or for people with sensitive skin.  LensBoost is water-based and non-toxic -- thus gloves are optional. If LensBoost gets on your skin, scrub the area with soap and warm water to remove the coating. 

LensBoost can be wiped off using a wet cloth within 10 minutes of application and picked off safely using your finger within 30 minutes of application.

If you would like to remove the coating, wipe the headlights with an all-purpose soapy water and a rag within 10 minutes of application (or before the coating dries).

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