Brighter is Better

A new approach to instantly restore unsightly and ineffective headlights due to sun damage.


All-in-One Solution

Many products on the market require a kit of bundled products, or a substantial tool shed. With LensBoost™ all you need is 5 minutes.


There’s no need to tape around your headlights or cover your car because LensBoost is water-based and nontoxic.


Forget the idea of sanding your headlights, LensBoost will give you professional results without the work.


LensBoost creates a new, durable outer shell to protect your headlights for up to two years.

See the Results

Check out our gallery of before and after photos of customers who have used LensBoost to restore their headlights.

Worked amazing on my 2003 Honda Civic!

- Steph L. (Tampa Bay, Florida)

I've always had to use sandpaper when I clean the lights of my truck but lensboost did the trick without it.. impressed.

- Jon C. (Calgary, Alberta)

I highly recommend these headlight wipes, I was able to restore my son's headlights very easily.

- Paul B. (Toronto, Ontario)

Literally took me just a few minutes to apply. This stuff seriously works.

- David M. (San Antonio, Texas)

Definitely worth the money, the headlights came out great on my Ford truck and my Pontiac Vibe.

- Tom B. (St. Clair, Michigan)