Car Care Simplified

At Detour Auto, we focus on developing innovative and easy-to-use car care products.

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Pride in Your Ride

We believe the most rewarding aspect of maintaining your car is taking your well-groomed wheels for a spin. Whether you’re on a summer evening drive or a coastline cruise, our products help keep you safe and your ride looking in tip-top shape.

Proven Track Record

Since 2017, Detour Auto products have been sold at over 100 auto parts stores. And our mission for car owners to spend less time maintaining their vehicles and more time enjoying their drive, hasn’t changed since day one.

Concepted in Canada, Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly designed and rigorously tested in our Toronto office. To control quality, Detour Auto products are exclusively produced and packaged in the USA.

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For 1 vehicle, or 2 headlights.


For 2 vehicles, or 4 headlights.


For car dealerships, service centers, body shops and more. Restores 10 vehicles.

Behind the Scenes

Detour Auto has gained attention for developing specialized and innovative car care products. Check out what goes into the science behind the products.